Meeples' Choice Awards

Meeples' Choice Awards - by Spielfrieks - United States - since 2001

Awarded in May by Spielfrieks group voting

From the Meeples' Choice website:

"In 1995, the release of Settlers of Catan helped reinvigorate boardgaming in the United States. The popularity of this game led many boardgame fans to further explore other games released by German game companies. In January of 2000, the Spielfriek discussion group was founded by Stephen Glenn and Mark Johnson. Spielfrieks is a internet discussion group, with over 1,000 members devoted to boardgames.
In 2001, a series of retrospective polls from the membership of Spielfrieks were conducted. Awards spanning back to 1995 were awarded. The Meeples' Choice Award is given to the three most popular boardgames released in each year. Going forward, voting is open to every member of the Spielfriek discussion group. The votes are taken each May, and are limited to games released from the prior year."

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