Austrian Spiel der Spiele 2006 announced

The Austrian game award Spiel der Spiele has been presented on August 22. Reiner Knizia's Tal der Abenteuer (Valley of Adventure), published by Parker / Hasbro, is the 3rd Knizia game to win this award.

Previous Spiel der Spiele were TransEuropa, Einfach Genial, King Arthur, Pueblo and Neuen Entdecker.

Other recommended games:

Children's Games

Ramba Samba
Zoff im Hühnerhof

Family Games

Just 4 Fun
Nacht der Magier
Hey! that's My Fish!
Pecunia non olet

Games with Friends

Cleopatra & the Society of Architects
Thurn und Taxis
Um Krone und Kragen

Game for Many

Cranium Hullabaloo
Pow Wow

Games for Two


Board Game News (English)
Spielbox (German)
Bordspel (Dutch)

IGA 2006 Finalists

The nominees for the International Gamers Awards 2006 are announced:

Historical Simulation Games

Bonaparte at Marengo
Empire of the Sun
Fire in the Sky
Men of Iron
Silent War
The Mighty Endeavor
Twilight Struggle


Blue Moon City
Das Ende des Triumvirats
Jenseits von Theben
Railroad Tycoon
Thurn und Taxis
Um Krone und Kragen


Blokus Duo
Twilight Struggle
War of the Ring: Battle of the 3rd Age

Premio Archimede - Unpublished games

Premio Archimede - Italy - since 1994

The Premio Archimede is awarded every two years for unpublished games by Studiogiochi.

Premio Archimede

2008 Lorenzo il Magnifico
2006 Clavigola
Terra Nova
2002 Magma
2000 Bisanzio and
1998 Giano
1996 Krakatoa
1995 Svicolando

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Lucca Comics & Games - Best of Show

Lucca Best of Show - Italy - since 2000

Lucca Comics & Games is the big convention in Italy, held in Lucca. Since 2000 it awards the "Lucca Best of Show" award for best Italian game and the "Lucca Best Unpublished Game" or Gioco Inedito, which has been around since 1994.

- Best of Show (2000)
- Gioco Inedito (1994)

Lucca Best of Show

2007 Kingsburg
2006 UR
2005 Siena
2004 War of the Ring
2003 Sine Requie
2002 Bang!
2001 Le Saghe di Conquest
2000 Warangel

à la carte

à la carte - Germany - since 1991

The award for best card game - à la carte - is awarded since 1991 by Fairplay Magazine.

2010 Jaipur

Board Game Geek Awards

On BGG Aldie announced the start of the 'Geekies' - the much discussed BoardGameGeek Awards. For more info: