UK Games Expo Awards - Abstract

UK Games Expo Awards - United Kingdom - since 2007

UK Games Expo is a games exhibition and fair modeled on the Essen Spiel fair, Origins and Gencon. Games companies come and exhibit games which visitors can try out. A strong thrust is attracting new gamers and families but it aims to be a show case of what is best and new in gaming and so to appeal to gaming enthusiasts. The event includes board games, card games, miniatures games and roleplaying games alongwith some computer gaming. The first UK Games Expo was in June 2007.

Games & products being demonstrated at UK Games Expo are eligible for entry into the awards. Games Companies may define which category their product falls within. Here are the categories:

- Début Boardgame
- Boardgame
- Family
- Children's
- Role-playing
- Miniatures
- Abstract/Puzzle
- Card
- Special Award


2009 Kamisado
2007 (no award)

Thanks to Richard Denning!

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