JogoEu User's Game

JogoEu User's Game - Portugal - since 2008

JogoEu User's Game (or J.U.G.) is an award given bij the users of the JogoEu website. Awarded in September.

2009 Dominion

Thanks to Carlos Abrunhosa!

3 opmerkingen:

Carlos Abrunhosa zei

Hello BaSL!

I try give the oportunity to select in the BGG comunity but until now only YOU have accepted the propose :(

Well, thank you with 1 year later for the J.U.G. award divulgation!

Carlos Abrunhosa

In the middle of May i will send you the 10 finalist of J.U.G. 2009!

BaSL zei

Aah, no problem! Just keep on plugging it and people will respond!


Carlos Abrunhosa zei

2010 JUG
1st - Vasco da Gama
2nd - Tobago
3rd - Endeavor