IGA 2008: Agricola & 1960

Agricola wins the International Gamers Award in the Multiplayer category. In the Two Player category, the award goes to 1960: The Making of the President.

DSP 2008: Agricola

No big surprise here, Agricola has won the Deutscher Spiele Preis.

1 Agricola
2 Stone Age
3 Cuba
4 In the Year of the Dragon
5 Tribune
6 Hamburgum
7 Galaxy Trucker
8 Keltis
9 Witch's Brew
10 Metropolys

Children's Game: Wer War's?

Essener Feder: Jamaica

JogoEu User's Game

JogoEu User's Game - Portugal - since 2008

JogoEu User's Game (or J.U.G.) is an award given bij the users of the JogoEu website. Awarded in September.

2009 Dominion

Thanks to Carlos Abrunhosa!