Lucca Comics & Games - Gioco Inedito

Gioco Inedito - Italy - since 1994

Lucca Comics & Games is the big convention in Italy, held in Lucca. Since 2000 it awards the "Lucca Best of Show" award for best Italian game and the "Lucca Best Unpublished Game" or Gioco Inedito, which has been around since 1994. The designer contest Gioco Inedito was held twice a year until 2000 (March & November) and in 2004 daVinci Games started publishing the winning designs. Contestants are given a theme that they then design a game around.

- Best of Show (2000)
- Gioco Inedito (1994)

Gioco Inedito

2008 SOS Puccini 
2007 The Age of Exploration
2006 Borneo
2005 F.A.T.A.
2004 Lucca Città
2003 Apprendisti Stregoni
2002 Piramide di Cheope
2001 Cave Canem
2000 KKF
1999 Acchiappa il porco
1999 Chasm
1998 Bad Bikes
1998 Ways of Chaos
1997 Fango
1997 Balunz
1996 Ritmo!
1996 Estelmor
1995 Reggi un attimo!
1995 Mazzo!

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Angiolillo zei

The first edition has been won by Nemesis (afterward published by oberon in Italian and by Nexus in English):

This first edition of the prize has been held in march 1994. The first name of the contest was "La Palestra di Arkimede", not to be confused with the "Premio Archimede" contest - even if it started first, Lucca Games' contest changed its name after "Premio Archimede" was born to avoid confusion.

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