About now

I know updates have been slow this year. I know now this site will not be able to keep up to date with all the new awarded games.

I hope I can keep updating every once in a while and won't forget any new awards. My main goal is a list of as many boardgame awards as I can find. Second: to keep it updated.

A lot of awards are not as clear as I thought. Or have websites in laguages I don't understand. I will try to keep everything as correct and complete as possible.

October 2009


I've been fighting with Blogger for some time now. Things don't work as they used to.

Right now I've switched to the 'new' blogger. This will mean: a lot of puzzling for me. I have no idea how everything works and will be puzzling to find out. Over time I'll try to edit all the old posts that are linked in the sidebar so that one day everything looks fine....

Updates on awards will be limited for now.

Let me know if anything goes wrong or ugly!

July 2009

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