Lucca Comics & Games - Best of Show

Lucca Best of Show - Italy - since 2000

Lucca Comics & Games is the big convention in Italy, held in Lucca. Since 2000 it awards the "Lucca Best of Show" award for best Italian game and the "Lucca Best Unpublished Game" or Gioco Inedito, which has been around since 1994.

- Best of Show (2000)
- Gioco Inedito (1994)

Lucca Best of Show

2007 Kingsburg
2006 UR
2005 Siena
2004 War of the Ring
2003 Sine Requie
2002 Bang!
2001 Le Saghe di Conquest
2000 Warangel

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Angiolillo zei

I'm sorry but I must point it out that the prize has been awarded since 1993, and for several years every 6 months. I find it very arbitrary and very misleading to start the list in 2000.

Angiolillo zei

Besides, at first there was just a single Best of Show prize that included Italian and foreign games (it was wn by two foreign RPGs). From November 1994 to November 2005 there has been a Best of Show prize for the best "translated" game and one for the best "original" or Italian game. Since then there is a Best of the Best (that in 2006 was Marvel Heroes, not UR) with several category prizes and some side awards. Since November 2004 there is also a lifetime achievements prize.
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