Mensa Select

Mensa Select - United States - since 1990

The Mensa Select games are awarded in april during Mind Games and usually has 5 winning games. The award can be (and has been) critized for: a) having publishers submitting their games and paying a small fee for it and b) having Mensa members judge 30 games in only one weekend. But this can be said for more awards. It is what it is and it's up to the consumer what they think of it.

2008 AmuseAmaze, Eye Know, Jumbulaya, Pixel & Tiki Topple
2007 Gemlok, Gheos, Hit or Miss, Qwirkle & Skullduggery
2006 Deflexion, Hive, Keesdrow, Pentago & Wits & Wagers
2005 DaVinci's Challenge, Ingenious, Loot, Niagara & Zendo
2004 Basari, The Bridges of Shangri-La, Rumis, YINSH & 10 Days in Africa / 10 Days in the USA
2003 Blokus, Cityscape, Fire and Ice, Octiles & TransAmerica
2002 Curses!, DVONN, Muggins!, Smart Mouth & The Legend of Landlock
2001 Brainstrain, Dao, Metro, Shapes Up & The Pollgame
2000 3 Stones, Finish Lines, Imaginiff, Time's Up & Zertz
1999 Apples to Apples, Bollox, Doubles Wild, Fluxx & Quiddler
1998 Avalam, Cube Checkers, Kram, Spy Alley & Wadjet
1997 Hattrick, Rush Hour, Quoridor, Sagarian & Stops
1996 Rat-a-Tat Cat, Pirateer, Category 5, Quadwrangle & Touché
1995 Wordspin Scramble, Continuo, Duo, Quixo & The Great Dalmuti
1994 Char, Chung Toi, Down Fall, Magic: The Gathering & Pyraos
1993 Farook, Inklings, Overturn, Quadrature & Quarto
1992 Kinesis, Q4, Terrace, Traverse & Why Not?
1991 Pyramis, Lapis, Set, Master Labyrinth & Clue - The Great Museum Caper
1990 Taboo, Scattergories, Tribond, Abalone & Trivial Pursuit

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