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Why? I have no idea. I like lists. I like gathering information. I love boardgames.

Why Blogger? That I know! I have no knowledge whatsoever on making websites. Blogger is easy. Blogger is not made for information gathering database-y stuff, though. Still: I think this works quite well. Maybe one day I'll learn all about website design and create my 'own' site, but for now: I think this will do.

Awards? Awards. Awards are of big importance to publishers and designers, but are they important for us gamers? No. We're not buying games because of the award(s) it has won. Still: we discuss them. Want to know about them. And need to tell the rest of the gaming world that game X should've won instead of game Y. Just because. We don't need no stinkin awards! But we'll miss them if they're gone...

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Anoniem zei

The UK now has a board games (and other games) awards system at UK Games Expo.

There is a wiki on board game geek on this here:

This is the logo that can be used by winning companies:

As seen on Ludorum games site:

For more info email:

Richard Denning Organiser
UK Games Expo

GamersPoA - Ubiratã Oliveira zei

here in Brazil whe have the Prêmio JoTa - Jogos de Tabuleiro Brasil (JoTa Award - Brazil)
Let´s see the blog and please put in your blog http://premiojota.blogspot.com/
the 2009 results is here: http://premiojota.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html
Ubiratã Oliveira

BaSL zei

Will add it soon - thanks!