Årets Spill 2006 Nominees (Norway)

The second Game of the Year (Årets Spill) award in Norway will be awarded in October. Here are the nominees:

Family / Light Strategy Game

Aqua Romana
Clue DVD Game
Elasund: The First City of Catan
Ticket to Ride Europe

Children's Game

Junior alias
Funny Farm
Mighty Magpies

Trivia / Party Game

Crossword Pyramids
Alle mot en
He & She

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Remo zei

Corrections to the post:
Children's game
It's not The Funny Farm Game, but rather just Funny Farm. This is a new design done in-house at the Danish publisher.
Spøkelsetrappen is the same as Geistertreppe or Spooky stairs if you will.

If you want the logo for the award, please contact us.

BaSL zei

Thanks! I've corrected both.

Now: how to contact you...?