Prêmio JoTa - Two Player Game

Prêmio JoTa - Brazil - since 2009

The Prêmio JoTa is a Brazilian game award. Users of different Brazilian websites (Ilha do Tabuleiro, Yahoo sites) vote in two rounds and in different categories.

  • Best Heavy Game
  • Best Light Game
  • Best 2 Player Game
  • Best Children's Game
  • Best Abstract Game
  • Best Brazilian Game
  • Best Card Game
  • Best Party Game
  • Best Monster Game
  • Best Wargame
  • Best Cooperative Game
  • Best Author
  • Best Publisher
  • Best Site About Games
  • Best Online Games
  • Best Brazilian Blog
  • Best Online Shop
  • Great Deception
  • Best Brazilian Initiative
  • Important Issues
Best Two Player Game

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