Meeples' Choice Awards 2005

Spielfrieks' 2005 Meeples' Choice Awards are announced:

Louis XIV
Shadows over Camelot

I'll put the 1995 - 2005 overview up soon.

Total list of 2005 contestants are in this GeekList by Larry Levy.

Larry Levy:

"Every year, the spielfrieks user group votes on our three favorite games that debuted in the previous calendar year. We have dubbed these the Meeples Choice Awards. The vote is conducted in two stages. First, everyone selects their ten favorite games from a list of 150 titles. We use this to narrow the selections down to 24 finalists. Then, everyone picks their three favorites from the finalists and the three top vote getters are the MCA winners for the year. 130 people voted in the first round and 195 in the finals."

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