Dutch Game Award 2006

The Nederlandse Spellenprijs (Dutch Game Award) 2006 nominees are announced.

A mix of card-, family- and advanced games are in the running for Dutch Game of the Year. Games have to be published in Dutch between 01-06-2005 and 31-05-2006; that's why - for example - Tichu is in this list. The nominees are:

Attention Pirates! (Ravensburger)
Caylus (Quined / White Goblin Games)
Hey! That's My Fish! (Phalanx Games)
Manila (999Games)
Reef Encounter (Quined / White Goblin Games)
Skyline of the World (The Game Master)
Through the Desert (PS Games)
Tichu (999Games)

Public voting starts at the Ducosim September event and runs from September 2 - September 30. The winner is announced on October 2nd and the award will be presented at the SpellenSpektakel fair (27-29 October).

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