Bruno Faidutti's Game of the Year

Each year Bruno Faidutti picks his Game (or Games) of the Year and writes a summary about the past year in gaming and designing. His pick for this year is Hey! That's My Fish by Phalanx.

From his site:

"This small game can look unimpressive at first sight, but there's much more in it than it seems, and it appeals to all kind of gamers, be it children, casual or hardcore gamers. Hey! That’s my Fish! is a nearly abstract game with penguins moving to and fro on the ice floe, trying to catch the most fishes before the ice melts down. Pinguins are dumb. The rules are clever and simple, the components are cute, and game itself is much more subtle than it first looks. With three or four players, it’s nasty and fast paced. With two players, it’s fast paced and brain burning. Simple, elegant and deep – Hey! That’s my Fish! is a future classic."

Faidutti also makes a list of recommended games (which is quite long), making it a good 'Year in Review'. Check it out at his site.

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